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The Power of Play is the power to unleash heatlh and businesses.

Our programs arise from the essential human need to laugh, to be curious, to learn, to have fun and find new, more productive ways to experience life and its challenges...and how that brings people together, lowers stress and promotes physical and mental health.

We have helped individuals deal with:

  • Physical challenges such as cancer

  • Personal challenges such as anxiety, divorce, retirement, or finding a new direction in life.

We have helped businesses deal with:

  • Issues of poor morale

  • Unhealthy office culture

  • Communication and intra-office tension

If you are a business, click here to see how you could benefit from The Power of Play.

The Power of Play

for Health

The Power of Play

for Business

If you are an individual dealing with a health issue, or in the health progression, click here to see how you or your office could benefit  from The Power of Play.

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