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ThePowerOfPlayForHealth is a transformational experiential program using creativity and laughter to help individuals and businesses achieve greater health and effectiveness.

the power of play


Stress is a key factor that weakens the immune system.

Laughter is a key factor that reduces stress. Laughter, creativity and enjoyable activities are healing, because they stimulate biochemical interactions that help the body to feel good and trigger positive 

immunological responses to disease. This literally upcharges the immune system with a cascade of feel-good hormones, which can lead to better health-related outcomes.


Health As We See It

Our program is an all natural experiential program that engages the mind, body and spirit. We gently guide participants through a sequence of fun skill building creative challenges and exercises that offer insight, new perspectives, understanding and a lot of laughter. The Power of Play Approach™ provides tools one can easily continue to use after our work is completed.

Our program works in conjunction with whatever medical protocol is being employed. We also help fill the gap between completing a medical protocol and the point where the patient begins to identify as a survivor. This delicate phase is often laden with un-communicated fear concerning a recurrence. That stress often leads to its own debilitating side effects. The Power of Play Approach™ is an excellent way to maintain inner peace, sustain optimism in the face of fear, as well as maintaining emotional balance and positive feelings.


For medical professionals, compassion fatigue and burnout are serious problems. Our program offers strategies and exercises that can be useful for doctors, nurses and their patients. Laughter and creativity are like an emotional oasis that can refresh and restore a thirsting spirit.

Laugh more! Play Hard! Die Less!
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