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Since 1983, The Power of Play® has used Adaptive Applied Improvisation to open hearts and minds through laughter, play, imagination and creativity. Founders Rahla Kahn and Richard Rossner – both professional actors as well as gifted corporate trainers – delved into the worlds of neuroscience, psychology and theater to bring the very best of each discipline into this unique world of transformation.


The Power of Play® unlocks creativity and teaches the healing value of "the art of a playful attitude."

Rahla Kahn created The Power of Play     out of an intuitive sense that laughter, creativity and playfulness are physically healing.  Growing up, she noticed that whenever she laughed, she felt physically better. She wanted to find a way to use her comedic skills to help others in the healing of body, mind and spirit.

Rahla began her career as an actress and original member of The Groundlings, Los Angeles’ premiere improvisational theater company. A flash of insight planted the idea that improvisational exercises and theater games might be the method to bring laughter and healing together.


In 1983, her deep interest and curiosity in how the mind and the emotions affect mental

and physical health, led her to Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness, and radiation oncologist, Dr. O. Carl Simonton, author of Getting Well Again at a “Healing Power of Laughter and Play Conference.”


Cousins and Simonton were so intrigued by Rahla’s concepts of applying the rules of improvisational theater to health and wellness that they personally mentored her and helped her find opportunities to develop her program. Rahla and her husband Richard have been permanent staff members at the Simonton Cancer Center since 2003 and continue to teach The Power of Play® at week-long Simonton residential retreats for cancer patients and their caregivers in Santa Barbara, California.

Rahla was so inspired by Dr. Simonton's work, she trained and is now a certified Simonton Cancer Therapist, and works privately with patients, as well as helps deliver

the Simonton program at the their retreats.

As a speaker, Rahla has delivered enlightening interactive experiential speeches for many organizations, including Make A Wish Foundation, The Dr. Gladys T. McGarey Medical Foundation, and Children's Hospital of Orange County.


Richard Rossner has a varied background in the creative arts and comedy. An honors graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications from Boston University, he chose to follow his passion and began a career as a writer. His talent brought him to Los Angeles, where he wrote situation comedies and variety television shows including, “Welcome Back, Kotter,” “She’s The Sheriff,” “Comedy Break,” “Full House,” and the historic “Live Aid Concert.” Richard has been trained in group facilitation and worked with InSynergy Consulting.


Richard met Rahla as original members of The Groundlings. Richard’s partnership in The Power Of Play® has been a perfect fit to satisfy his creative spirit, as well as help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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