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Finding A Path Through The Grieving Process

When the unthinkable happens, life can seem unnavigable.


Feelings of sadness, guilt, incompletion and a variety of other feelings are natural.  


A guide through these difficult waters can be an invaluable aid to  making peace with the loss... 

...and to help put the puzzle pieces of life back togethe to gently move back to living life in a whole and fulfilling way.

"You sparkle with energy and kindness that continues all the way to the tips of your fingers...I was a caregiver, and I think too overwhelmed most of the time to project much joy.  But sitting across from you those 3 Sundays...seemed to open up a door I didn't know had closed...I already feel cleansed of toxic narratives that have been tormenting for years: was I doing the right thing?  Was I doing enough? ...You gave me permission to speak my truth.  I cannot imagine how I would have navigated this grief process without your guidance and understanding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 - Deane

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