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 Adventure  Zone

Movie Magic

December 28, 2017


We believe it is important to be inspired, as well as to re-inspire yourself when the opportunity presents itself.  Lawrence of Arabia hit the big screen in 1962.  It is the extraordinary story of T.E. Lawrence, and the film won numerous Academy Awards.  The direction, the acting, the script and the phenomenal musical score made a deep impression on many of us who kids in 1962.  When American Cinematheque brought it back to the big screen in Los Angeles, there was no hesitation on whether to get tickets.  The Egyptian theater is amazing in itself.  The theater was filled.  The audience was excited and appreciative. My own tears at one point let me know that I was reaching back to the stirrings that eventually brought me to Show Business…and were re-inspiring me for future projects.

Wander Through Wonder

December 6, 2017


Experiencing a sense of wonder about the beauty, the complexity and the vastness of this thing called "life" can take you to a deep state of appreciation and enjoyment.  And those states feel wonder-full!

A trip to the Los Angeles Zoo holiday Zoo Lights event with Rudolfo David was a healthy physical adventure (we got our 10,000 steps in), as well as a touchstone to our sense of childlike wonder as we enjoyed the beautiful lights, people watched as families strolled the zoo, and we even got to see a few of Santa's reindeer (or were they caribou?) who were sporting glorious antlers.  Seeing these beautiful creatures up close was a humbling experience.

Music, Music, Music

November 25, 2017


We were visiting friends in Scottsdale, and our host, Jovan Van Drielle gifted Richard with a day at the Musical Instrument Museum for his birthday.  This museum is a cultural, instrumental, and historical, feast for the mind, the eye and the ear.  It literally puts humanity in perspective through our rich musical diversity and innate desire to make music.  Finding that deep place where people and cultures can all agree is a humbling experience.  And what is the agreement? That we must sing, dance and make music to express the rhythm of life and the human soul.

Everything Old is Interesting Again!

November 11, 2017


We heard about the Los Angeles Conservancy from some friends and knew we had to join.  The Conservancy is dedicated to preserving historic architecture in Los Angeles.  We took our first tour of Downtown Los Angeles and were amazed at some of the breathtaking buildings and sites we had never seen before.  And it was right in our own backyard!  Taking the time to discover…or re-discover what is all around you can be fun, enlightening, educational and inspiring! 

Experiment With Theater

November 5, 2017

Early November had us trekking with fellow Original Groundling actress, Bridget Sienna, to the Central Library Mark Taper Theater in downtown L.A.  The building itself is something to behold.

Our adventure was to see the reading of a new comedy, The Poets of Amityville, by Eugene Pack.   If you look closer at the picture of the cast (or maybe zoom in), you'll see Fred Willard, Dana Delany, Beth Grant, Rob Morrow, Mary Kay Place and others.  

Adventures With Food

November 4, 2017


New foods.  New aromas. New parts of town. New sights we never would have known...were the result of an evening of vegan fare produced by a group of vegan restaurants at a cooking school and day care center in East Los Angeles.

And a big surprise that we missed when we arrived awaited us when we returned to our car.  Alex's Drive In - a fabulous looking restaurant with glorious neon signage.  I had to take the pictures to cap off an unforgettable evening.

Bubbles & Mirrors as Art

October 25, 2017


Creative adventures can be as simple as a visit to a museum.  Stimulating, thought-provoking, inspirational. 


And when there is a special exhibit, like the Yayoi Kusama Infinite Mirrors exhibit, it's worth making an extra effort to deal with the hurdles of a nail-biting lottery to score tickets.  We have to thank Spencer Ludwig for his lucky call that grabbed a lottery spot and allowed us an unforgettable trip to DTLA (Downtown L.A.).

Fun and memories galore with Spencer's mom, Mia, and aunt, Donna!

Walking It Off

October 15, 2017

The Power of Play   was excited to represent The Simonton Cancer Center when we participated in the 5k/10k Walk/Run for Stop Cancer.  We were supporting Carrie Scott and her family, Michael, Rachel and Shoshanna.  It was a terrific event that raised money for cancer research.  Team Carrie was the top fundraiser, bringing in more than $100,000. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

"Do more of what brings you joy and deep fulfillment..."

October 14, 2017

This advice from Dr. O. Carl Simonton, founder of the Simonton Cancer Center, was in all its glory when our family went to see the hit musical, Hamilton, with our son. It was a terrific production. Entertaining, thought-provoking and inspirational! 

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